Our Privacy Policy

At Skip Bins Gold Coast we make a commitment to protecting the security and safety of online visitors to our website and understand that in this digital age, many people are concerned about how safe their personal information is treated and stored. We recommend all visitors to our website read this page to understand our Privacy Policy and how we use any personal information we collect. Skip Bins Gold Coast complies with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.


How Skip Bins Gold Coast uses client’s personal information

We need you to register as a user of the Skip Bins Gold Coast website before you use our services for the first time. Because our website provides payment facilities, we ensure all personal information you provide is encrypted (protected). First-time users need to provide:

  • your email address
  • your first and last name
  • phone number (mobile phone number is preferred).

These details are used to:

  • email you a confirmation notice regarding initial registration
  • email your activation codes. These codes are needed for you to register your account securely
  • send you password information when requested (i.e. if you forget or lose your password)
  • respond to any questions, problems or concerns you contact Skip Bins Gold Coast about
  • contact you regarding any issues with your account with Skip Bins Gold Coast
  • email you obligation-free information about recycling issues, waste, services and opportunities we think you might be interested in.


How will we never use your personal information

Skip Bins Gold Coast will never sell or deliberately provide your personal details to any third parties such as advertisers. The only exception to this is where we are legally required to do so e.g. to comply with a subpoena or court order.


How we use cookies

Skip Bins Gold Coast only uses cookies in order to recognise registered users and pair the user with the correct online account.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny pieces of information provided from a web server to a web browser. These cookies contain information the web server can retrieve at a later date.


How we use anonymous information

Skip Bins Gold Coast collects what’s called ‘anonymous information’ from visitors to our website, in addition to personal information. This anonymous information helps Skip Bins Gold Coast to continually improve our website. This anonymous information collected always stays anonymous.

What is anonymous information?

Anonymous information means information that isn’t linked to a website visitor’s name.


Additional tips on internet privacy

Here are some important things to remember about internet privacy in general:

  • You are responsible for access to, and security of, your computer.
  • You are responsible for keeping your username, passwords and account information private and secure.
  • Your personal information can be used by other people if you post it via online forums that are accessible to the public. For example, you might receive unwanted messages from other people.

For your own protection, always close your browser after you’ve finished your session. This is why: if you access a website using your personal information, and then leave your browser open afterwards, this puts your personal information at risk. This risk increases significantly when you leave a browser open on a shared computer. To get rid of this risk, you simply need to close your browser after your session. This will ensure that no one else can access your personal correspondence and information if you are using a shared computer at home, or a public computer e.g. in an internet cafe or library.


Revision of Skip Bins Gold Coast’s Privacy Policy

Skip Bins Gold Coast reserves the right to revise, change or modify its Privacy Policy at any time, for any reason. For example, we may need to make changes to our policy to comply with applicable laws. This is why Skip Bins Gold Coast encourages all website visitors and online account-holders to periodically re-visit this Privacy Page to read about any revisions, modifications or changes.


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